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Why clients choose us

We use unique algorithms to improve your profitability

At Adveriser our unique algorithms, we base our decisions on hard facts, giving you the advantage of the highest possible performance.

Follow-up and reporting

You receive monthly reports and can monitor your investments’ performance in real time, so you can be confident that they are profitable.

Profitability assessment and transparency

At Adveriser, we believe in mutual success: If you don’t earn money, we won't be able to grow with you.

Industry experience since 2004

With Adveriser's long experience, you can be confident that we will effectively deliver the highest possible performance.

Short notice periods

Gain advantageous flexibility over your competitors, and avoid long subscription terms. We adopt our services for your profits, now the other way around.


Adveriser is proud to be a certified Google Partner. We regularly meet with our contacts at Google’s European headquarters to keep our high standards.

Best tools on the market

With us, you get access to the best tools on the market, which allows you to achieve the highest possible profitability and sales.

Free two-month trial

If you have an active Google Ads account, you can test our services free of charge for two months. This trial period will allow you to see for yourself how much your profitability can increase with us.

What do our clients say?

Google Ads marketing for Syna

Stefan Sandgren

Marketing Manager, Syna

Adveriser gave our digital investment a flying start and the leads from Google ads increased with 296% in four years.

Seoco Google Ads reference

Tor Sjödin

Executive, Soeco

Google Ads has good profitability and for each year, Adveriser has increased its sales by at least 50%.

SEO och Google Ads för Learning To Sleep

Mehrnosh Rabiei

Digital strategiskt, Learning To sleep

Google Ads and SEO have increased our sales significantly. The growth wouldn’t have been the same without Adveriser.

Offer – Free two-month trial

Let the improvements speak for themselves

Try our Google Ads management services completely free of charge during a trial period of two months. See for yourself how much your profitability can increase with our work in contrast to your previous results. If you are satisfied with the improvement, you may choose to stick with our management services so that your business continues to grow with us.

Clear reports

Regular Google Ads reports

Adveriser always ensure that your results are measurable in terms of profitability. We assign a monetary value to the activities (conversions) that are important for you – for example, the value of a placed order, a request for quotation, or a completed form. With the tool Google Data Studios, we send you monthly Google Ads reports. You will always be able to see how it’s going in terms of profit, sales, and cost.

SEO reports

For our search engine optimization work, we use the best tools on the market. We send you monthly reports about every keyword. The following information is included in our report: the keyword’s position and link power for your site, any SEO problems that may have arisen, the direction in which your competitors are moving, and much more, all tailored to your needs. We can also build customized reports based on the information and the KPIs that are important for you.

Clear conversion tracking

By setting up target values, sales data is sent back to every keyword. We can therefore optimize the profitability of each specific keyword. Conversion tracking also allows you to evaluate the result of all investments you have made on your website – such as newsletters, social media, and direct traffic.

Why so many choose Google Ads

Optimize Google Ads for your business

Google Ads offers almost endless possibilities for optimization for your business in particular. In addition to the essential function of choosing the right keywords for your marketing, we can also help you reach the full potential of your landing pages and ad copy, find the best times of day, age, gender, prices, and much more. Optimization must happen regularly to obtain the best results – that is, so that your budget is directed primarily toward the keywords that offer the highest profitability. We use our unique, data-driven algorithm that adjusts your bids thousands of times every month to achieve these results. It redirects your budget at all times toward the keywords that offer the highest profitability just then.

Implement marketing adjustments immediately

With Google Ads, you can at any time adjust your budget and sales according to your current needs, regardless of the situation. As an example, let’s say that your business has too much activity in Göteborg, but not enough in Stockholm. Adveriser will immediately redirect the budget to focus on advertising in Stockholm.
Is the profitability outstanding just now, so much so that you need to recruit more personnel? We can increase the budget and adjust sales, so even your new collaborators have enough work to do.
Are you planning a large conference for which you want to increase your visibility? In that case, we will organize a campaign directed toward the city where the event will take place. We will use the right keywords for your business and link them to a landing page that we have optimized for the conference. We are always only one call or email away from fulfilling your advertising needs, and everything is included in our Google Ads management services.

Get more traffic immediately

When you start investing in Google Ads, you will be visible above the organic search results from day one, thus increasing traffic to your website. If you choose to direct traffic from Google using search engine optimization (SEO), it will take months before you see the full effect of your efforts. SEO is an investment that starts paying off after a notably more extended time. Some companies choose to use both SEO and Google Ads in their advertising. In these cases, 65% of the clicks from customers at the end of the buying process go to Google Ads. The clients that received our help on increasing organic reach (SEO) on the first search result page have also chosen to continue profiting from their Google Ads investment.

Does Google Ads work for all businesses and countries?

Most businesses can achieve excellent results with Google Ads. According to Google, the average client earns two dollars for every dollar spent. For our clients, the average earnings are much higher. The reason is that we make sure that your marketing remains measurable, and we only invest money on the keywords that have proven to bring home the highest profitability for you. E-marketers belong to an industry where almost everyone uses Google Ads. Businesses that sell to end customers usually receive good results from their Google Ads campaign, whereas it can be more challenging for those who sell to businesses. It may also be harder to market complex, expensive products or products with minimal search volume.
The performance of Google Ads varies for different countries. For example, you can expect that the cost per click is lower in less developed countries. Here you can read about the pros and cons for Google Ads in Sweden.

Adveriser is a certified Google partner

Get access to the latest in Google Ads

We are certified Google partners. Thanks to our regular meetings with Google’s European headquarters, you can be confident that we will continuously implement the latest Google Ads improvements. We keep ourselves updated continually and ensure that you receive the highest possible profitability from your account. We also receive regular opportunities to use new “beta products” earlier than the rest of the market. As our client, you thus receive an obvious advantage over your competitors.

Can you earn money with Google Ads?
- Free profitability assessment

Let us perform a free profitability assessment before you decide to invest your resources. We calculate what possibility you have to earn money with Google Ads and how much profit you would receive. We base our assessment on data such as which keywords would be relevant for you, and their search volume. We calculate an estimated cost per visitor to your website. A combination of these things plus data from Google Analytics makes it possible for us to assess how profitable you can become. You will need to have conversion tracking installed – a function that tracks the activities that generate value for you. These can include completed transactions and forms, as well as quotation requests. We set a monetary value on the actions of each visitor. If you don’t have conversion tracking installed, we can help you with that.
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