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Do you want to buy a powerful website that sells more? We help you reach your goal – whether it is to maximize the number of visitors, increase your sales, improve design and user experience, or provide quality information. We are based in Malmö, where we create efficient websites that always incorporate:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is always included when you purchase one of our websites. This analysis tool lets you see where your visitors come from, which pages they visit, and how much time they spend on your page. It helps you streamline the website for better performance.

Optimized for conversion

We help you build an easily navigated website that is tailored primarily to reach your goals. With conversion optimization, we give you a solid foundation to increase your sales and guide the user in the direction you desire.

Prepared for SEO

All our websites are prepared for SEO, the work that makes you rank higher in Google’s search results and receive more valuable visitors from your target audience.

Work on all devices

We always make sure that our websites are responsive and work on different types of devices, such as computers, tablets, or cellphones.

Traffic Increase with Effective Websites

New service based on existing data

Development of existing data attracted many visitors from a completely new sub-page. With creative and strategic processing of data from the customer’s system, the development of a new service was made possible. This resulted in a significant increase in the number of visitors and added value for existing customers.

Content Improvements

Through better content and structure based on the customer’s business system, we were able to multiply the customer’s traffic in a short time. We improved the information for thousands of products, resulting in a rapid and continually increase in both traffic and sales. In short, we made the website more effective.

Keep this in mind when buying a website

The home page is the most important part of a successful website

One of the factors you must consider when you are in the market for a website is the homepage: it needs to be well designed. The homepage is the most important page on a website. The customer must find it easy to find and fulfill the purpose of the website.

Optimize your text for search engines

Pages that contain a lot of text have an increased probability of showing up in Google’s search results and therefore receive more visitors. To enhance the effectiveness of this strategy, every text must be optimized to rank as high as possible on Google. This is called search engine optimization.

Show your visitors why they can trust you

A second issue to consider when buying a website is whether it will give your visitors a solid reason to trust you. Create a trust factor by showcasing reviews from your previous customers, or providing a link to an external website that contains reviews of your business (for example, Rejta, Prisjakt, Pricerunner, or TrustPilot).

Clear structure, navigation, and text

If the main purpose of your website is to provide information to the user, you need to focus primarily on improving the website structure and content, as well as providing a clear and simple navigation experience that leads directly to the answers your customers are looking for.

Foster customer loyalty

Providing education and tips for the user is an excellent way to build lasting customer relationships and foster loyalty. This increases the chances that the user will do what you want them to do – be it to place an order, make a call, or fill in an application.

Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly

Since 2015, mobile phones have been used to a greater extent than computers to perform Google searches. It is, therefore, more important than ever for your website to work well on all types of devices, so that you can provide your customers with a quality user experience on your website regardless of which device they use. Our powerful websites are designed to work well on all devices.

How to increase sales on your website

If you want the customer to contact you, your website must call to this action specifically, and your contact details must be clearly visible. Some users will want to read more about a certain product that you offer. It should be fast and easy for them to access this information. If you want your customer to fill in an application, you should create a call to that specific action. Don’t allow the application to passively fill a space on your web page.


If sales are a part of your goal with the website, you should include clear offers and discounts that entice the customer to complete a purchase. Designing a smooth shopping experience with clear return policies and terms, as well as offering a reliable customer service that provides extra security for the customer, is of utmost importance for companies that are involved in e-commerce. We create efficient websites in Malmö based on your unique goals, so that you can knock your sales out of the ballpark.

Increase revenue thru webbpages
Importance of Call To Action

All websites must have Call-to-Actions

Another aspect to consider when buying a website is that it must be designed to encourage the visitor to act. This is done with a so-called “Call-to-Action” (CTA). Do you want the customer to call you? Tell them so. Explain clearly how it will benefit them to call you. Do you want the customer to buy your product or service? Create an enticing offer that motivates them to take that step. Do you want the visitor to read your post? Tell them what they will gain from it and encourage them to take the desired action.


Click to read more about trust factors and how to increase your sales with conversion optimization.


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Boost your sales with our efficient websites

Are you ready to increase the sales on your website?

We create websites in Malmö that sell. We can help you reach your goal, whether it is to improve your current website or to buy a new website. Contact us today!

How to use Google Analytics to increase sales

The analysis tool Google Analytics is always included when you buy a website from us. One of the most important features of this tool is that you can see where the visitors are coming from, the source, and what they are doing on your website. Sources can be anything from customers finding you through a Google search, visiting you from Facebook or via Google Ads, or typing your web address directly into the browser.

Google Analytics also allows you to track conversions. Conversions happen every time the customer meets a certain goal: placing an order, visiting a certain page, or clicking on a certain button, for example. Conversion tracking allows you to see which sources lead to which conversions, and start taking advantage of the highest performing sources. This way, you can start investing your resources in the right places, and get the most out of your marketing. With conversion tracking, you can make informed decisions that lead to more conversions.

Let’s say that you had set up the confirmation page for an order as a conversion, and that you were advertising both on Facebook and with Google Ads. You received 2000 visitors from Facebook and 3000 from Google Ads, and these customers completed 20 and 60 purchases respectively. In this example, 1% of customers from Facebook and 2% of customers from Google Ads have made a purchase. If the cost per click were the same for both ads, Google Ads would be the more profitable option. However, due to different transactions having different sales sums and clicks costing different amounts, the reality is more complex. In addition, both Google Ads and Facebook have weaknesses and strengths that come into play.


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