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conversion tracking with google analytics increase revenue

What is conversion tracking?

Clear statistics for analysis, tracking and improvement

Is it your goal to maximize your profit? Conversion tracking is a way to measure your digital marketing to see which investments are yielding the best results: to create profitability from what previously seemed to be mere random clicks. It is also called goal tracking.

By setting up conversion tracking, you get a clear picture of the exact amount of profit you receive from your investments in different digital sources. Your earnings on Facebook, Google Ads or SEO, for example, are clearly stated. You can thus optimize your marketing by focusing your efforts on the digital activities that yield the highest profit.

What is your goal?

A goal is something that creates value for you. It can be anything from a purchase, a subscription to a newsletter or a request for quotation. If you sell your products online, an example of a goal could be that your visitors complete a purchase. On the other hand, if you offer a service, you may be more interested in getting your clients to fill in a contact form or send you an e-mail.

By setting up conversion tracking and focusing your investments on the sources that have been shown to yield the highest profit, we have been able to help all our recurring clients to increase their profit – in some cases, by as much as two hundred percent!

Set up conversion tracking now and take your marketing to the next level

We have experience since 2004, we know how to perform the necessary calculations and we have the technical knowledge to implement conversion tracking in the best possible way.

Start tracking your goals today and increase your profitability tomorrow!

Why should you implement conversion tracking?

Smart investing starts here: Calculate your profit

If your customer fills in a form worth $500 and said form cost you $200 to advertise, you will have received a profit of 500-200 = $300. This translates to a ROI (return on investment) of 300/200 = 150%. For example, if it cost you $200 to advertise the products that you sell online, and these generated $500 in returns (costs deducted), your profit would be $300. When you know how much you currently earn, you can start evaluating your marketing strategies in order to focus your investments on the activities that have been proven to produce the highest profit.

Earn more money by optimizing your marketing

When conversion tracking is set up, you will be able to start increasing your profit on every channel. With Google Ads, you will invest in the keywords, ads, times, etc., that generate the highest profit. For your Search Motor Optimization, you will focus your attention on the keywords and types of optimization that produce the highest increase in profitability. When it comes to your blog and your newsletter, you will be able to identify and create more of the type of content that earns you the most money.

Increase your sales by choosing the best marketing strategies

Conversion tracking also makes it possible for you to evaluate all investments you make for your homepage, such as newsletters, social media and direct traffic. For example, if you notice that Google Ads yields a ROI of 150% on your invested capital while Facebook ads merely yield 50%, you know that Google Ads is your best choice. This is not limited to paid advertising; you will also be able to evaluate the value of investing work hours on writing a blog or sending a newsletter.

Evaluate a new marketing agency or investment

When you are considering switching to a new marketing agency, you do so because you hope it will produce better results. In these cases, it is important to be able to evaluate whether the new one really is better or not. Conversion tracking allows you to easily compare the results of your new investment with your previous marketing agency and see if it lives up to your expectations. If you want to test our Google Ads management, you need to have had conversion tracking set up for at least three months prior to the change. This will allow you to compare the results before and after.

What is a conversion worth?

The value of each conversion, or goal, varies from one customer to the next. We recommend that you enlist expert help for this process. If you sell your products online, an order for $1000 can generate $500 in profit. But what happens if a customer makes more than one purchase? In these cases, you count on the recurring purchases. For example, in the consumables market it is common for new customers to make more than one purchase during the year. This will generate a higher profit than what may have been shown after the first sale.

Maybe your goal is instead to have a customer fill in a form or a request for quotation? These kinds of goals are more common among providers of services, loans or specially built products. The value of these conversions depends on many factors – such as the probability for a quotation request to lead to a sale, the lifetime value of a new customer, the final profit and the average value of a business transaction.

We will gladly help you assign value to each of your goals!

Are you ready to improve your online marketing?