Collecting email addresses for your newsletter: 5 tips

Collecting email addresses is worth its weight in gold as you can use them to send out newsletters – one of the most profitable marketing methods available to companies.
Remember that according to the GDPR, since May 25th, 2018, you must have consent to collect personal email addresses. Note for example our own privacy policy in connection with the newsletter in our footer.

Here are five tips from Thomas Jönsson on how you can get email addresses from customers into newsletters:

  1. The best way to collect email addresses is to use your own website. There should be a link where interested visitors can enter their email address. Alternatively, you can create a separate landing page where you offer some kind of gift as an incentive for the customer to enter their email address. You can give away an e-book, a gift card or a discount code on one of your products.
  2. If you meet the customer in person, you can ask them if they wish to give you their email address so that you can send out information and offers.
  3. Call newsletters by a different name, for example, “VIP letters”. In some of my stores we call it that in order to attract a certain category of customers and create in them a desire to give out their email address. Some people do not think that a regular newsletter is enough.
  4. Focus on newsletters with good content. Sales-oriented letters often perform worse in the long run than newsletters with good content. Make sure that your newsletter will not be unsubscribed to when the customer cleans up their inbox! Additionally, a good offer can hardly go wrong.
  5. With time, it will probably become more difficult to get people to give out their email addresses. The social media model will probably become more and more popular, as the individuals themselves get to judge and decide who should be allowed to interact with them. If you have received an email address: care for it well. It is a trust you have received.

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