Five quick tips on the benefits of webinars

Online lectures, also called webinars, are a relatively new phenomenon. Marie Hagberg, who runs the company “Help a journalist” where she mediates contact between journalists and interviewees, is a diligent user of webinars. In five quick tips, she explains why a webinar is the perfect channel to showcase your skills and get in touch with many prospective customers.

You can reach many people at the same time
Webbinars - read our five tipsWhen Marie hosted her first webinar, she gained 800 viewers after marketing it and sending out the invitations to everyone on her mailing list. It also provided a clear financial dividend. She estimates that it resulted in business worth approximately SEK 60,000. After that, she has hosted webinars regularly, once every three weeks.

Get hundreds of new addresses for potential customers
After her first webinar, Marie received 250 new addresses for potential customers – people who had already shown interest in her business. As a comparison, it can be mentioned that a marketing campaign on Facebook, for which she paid SEK 10000, only gave her 125 new email addresses.

Webinars give you a chance to show your knowledge and competence
Webinars are an excellent way to strengthen your personal brand and show your prospective clients that you are an interesting and knowledgeable person. In a webinar, you have the time and space you need to share your specific knowledge, because you have complete control over the content of the lecture. Last but not least, you can test your expertise when answering listeners’ questions online. But as with all communication, it is important to keep the listeners’ interest alive, so that they do not log off.

Find the right mix between webinars and other kinds of marketing
Depending on what kind of business you run, and what suits you best as a person, it is important to find a good marketing mix. With webinars, emails, social media and more traditional marketing channels, you have good opportunities to find a combination where the different channels complement each other.

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